Season’s greetings from The Snowmen Society - we are snow glad you joined us! 😃

In the real world, a snowman is created by starting off with a small snowball. When the conditions are right, rolling it over fresh powdered snow allows it to grow until it’s the perfect size to craft into a snowman. After that, the possibilities to decorate your snowman are endless! When you mint one of our NFTs on the Solana network, there are over 600 million different combinations!


Who are we?

First and foremost, we ourselves are NFT collectors and heavily invest our time and money in the community. Several of us have been around on Solana since the minting of Solarians and SMBs. Lately, we’ve been discouraged by some of the lack of originality in the NFT space. There are far too many derivative projects and ones that don’t place an emphasis on building their community or attracting the collector first.

We round out our team with our artist, technical developer and website designer. These three people care a lot about the success of this project and will be supporting us and you every step of the way.

Why join The Snowmen Society?

When you join The Snowmen Society, you’re not just buying an NFT. You are joining an exclusive club of early Solana adopters that will be around forever. Buying one of our NFTs provides you with lifetime membership. First and foremost, we want to cater to both NFT collectors and bring in a new generation of NFT enthusiasts. Ideally, when you mint a Snowman with us we want you to feel like you want to truly own that Snowman - not just immediately flip it onto the secondary market for sale. We are committed to providing you with strong communication and a safe and fun place to trade, chat and hang out.

How to join The Snowmen Society?

Snowmen will be minted on our website for 0.05 SOL and there is no limit of the number of transactions per wallet to mint. The maximum number of Snowmen that will ever be available is 2222. After mint, we will be looking at being listed on multiple secondary markets.

How many Snowmen Society NFTs do I need? Why should I hold instead of sell?

You only need one NFT in your wallet to be considered a holder. There will be valuable perks for holders in the form of community discord events and private chat channels, airdrops and giveaways. This means your Snowman must be in your wallet and not listed on a secondary marketplace. Many NFT projects promise the moon and under deliver. We would rather keep some of our ideas a secret for now and deliver way more value than you expect. There will be opportunities to reward collectors for acquiring specific attributes of multiple snowmen but still valuing holders who own just one.

What’s the deal with the artwork?

Our artwork is 100% original and created by our amazing artist. Your NFT is generated for you at the time of mint from a pre-selected assortment of attributes. A rarity list will be available on our website and discord with all possible attributes prior to our mint. Look out for those legendary and mythical traits - and some completely unique 1/1s of some famous characters you might recognize!